Bidadari Housing Estate Amenities in Master Plan

Bidabari is almost a highlight of some kind of such complex structures. About 350 apartments are planned. The area where this residential is located is one of the most progressive. The active growing infrastructure of the district allows you to almost instantly attract a lot of attention to yourself. Such areas are very diverse and it is easy to find what will please every citizen. Shops, gardens, shopping centers, swimming pools, schools, kindergartens all this here and now. Therefore, residential complexes are very popular in these territorial relations.

Amenities in Bidadari Town

The city center in which this complex is planned includes everything that can be imagined for a better life. Life is literally under your windows! Directly under the complex it is planned to equip an underground bus stop. Now you do not have to go far and wait for the bus on duty everything will be right under your windows in warmth and comfort. It will not be necessary to stand under the hot sun and wait for something. All the amenities are literally under you. There will be many amenities located at Bidadari Town and many will be delighted by the number of facilities located within the development.

Facilities Near to Bidadari Housing Estate in Master Plan

Bidabari can safely be considered a serene housing paradise for resting you and your family. Also in the ura government master plans is to green the inner part of the complex: inside the yard there will be Lake Alkaff. Looking at the transparent mirror-like surface you will get complete peace and serene attitude. This kind is clearly remembered to you and afterwards will give fresh vivid memories. Around the lake there is a special way adapted for bike-lifters. In general an ideal place for comfortable rest and diversion from all outside affairs. Here you will feel completely at peace and solitude with yourself and nature after a hard day of joy. For entertainment, shopping and restaurants nearby is located in shopping center at the Potong Pasir Avenue 1. Many are delighted that the Master plan will include more facilities along Potong Pasir Avenue 1 including more new launch real estate projects

Schools in the estate include Maris Stella High School, Cedar Primary School, St. Andrew’s Junior School, and Cedar Girls’ Secondary School. As you can see your child will be where to go, whether it is international. All of them have a good reputation and graduates do not come out with a wind in their heads. Plus, very near the university. For future needs.

New Smart and Efficient Homes at Bidadari

Let it and the center but you can guarantee excellent sound insulation from extraneous noise. Plus from the windows of this complex offers an impeccable view of the Singaporean capital. Gardens, houses, schools. The whole infrastructure is at your feet. You can imagine the scale yourself. For greater coziness bicycle parking is provided. Bidadari will feature more efficient homes such as green features as well as solar energy panels.

The house itself will have a technologist for a smart home with environmental conditions. All connected lighting, sensors, even elevators will work on an environmentally safe source of energy. Innovative technologies and light bulbs are recharging by themselves. As you can see, a lot of things are planned to be done and too grandiose plans. Innovative plans require large investments. From the apartment in this complex is not to say that it is very cheap.

On average one apartment costs from $ 150,000 to $ 650,000. The most expensive are for five rooms, the cheapest for two. Quite a good price really? But the quality is worth the money that you give for this apartment. Lovely courtyard. True! A lot where you can have your own huge lake in the yard? With your own bike park? I doubt it. So if you have extra money, this is an extremely profitable investment of capital

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