Potong Pasir Town Facilities and Restaurants

Potong Pasir is a known sub-town area in Singapore, which offers a mix of public and private residential estates and it is considered to be less crowded than the typical housing local estates. If you are thinking of moving to the area, it’s a great choice, because it offers you fabulous condos, along with a number of amenities. Potong Pasir Town is packed with marvellous sights and many wonderful hidden activities for the locals. The district is close to the centre of the city and it offers a number of interesting amenities, such as retail amenities.

Prominent Ski Slope’ Blocks at Potong Pasir Town

The iconic triangular shaped HDB (House Development Board) flats are prominent and give a different look in the area. From ground up, these ski slope’ prominent roofs look extremely interesting. You can look out for these amazing blocks of flats, which can be spotted once you enter Potong Pasir estate very easily. One of these blocks (block 142), rises up from the centre of the town, sporting a giant mural that greets you with Welcome to Potong Pasir. In addition, the estate offers different kind of home, like two-storey homes. Just remember that due to its architecture, you need to access these residential units via different stairs. Moreover, many new condominiums are still under construction in Potong Pasir.

Various Residential Facilities at Potong Pasir Neighbourhood

There are a lot of schools in Potong Pasir Town in Singapore, such as the new St. Andrews Junior College and the St. Andrews Secondary School, which are both part of the Saints Family. Its students and alumni are usually referred to as Saints. The area also has some churches, like the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. You can also find cinemas, hospitals and other shops around the area. If you wish to relax and a delightful garden, you can visit the Bidadari Memorial Garden, which is located at the Serangoon Road, which will make way soon for the upcoming HDB flats. This amazing garden offers grassy big areas, as well as open spaces, where residents of the Potong Pasir can spend their day.

Restaurants & Cafes at Potong Pasir

The area offers many restaurants and cosy cafes for the residents. You can find local or international cuisine in one of the restaurants. Or you can visit a nice café, like the Happenstance Café. This café also accommodates pets and you can spend a nice time here with your family. Or you can go to the Peranakan café, which is a traditional café, with wooden stools and traditional looking patterned tiles, like puffs. You can order cafes, mildshakes, otak, curry chicken and many more.

Potong Pasir Town, in the shadow of it more top neighbours, like Serangoon and Kovan estates, is a marvellous town with its own style which offers great amenities for its residents.

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