United Industrial Corporation Real Estate Developer Singapore

United Industrial Corporation Limited (UIC) was registered since 1963 as a private company and already in 1969 it was converted into a public one. At this time the company is a large holder of the major capitol Singapore Limite Land founded in 1990. The company’s property portfolio includes both the famous residential and Singapore residential and residential points in the main and suburban areas and some residential properties in Shanghai, Peking and Tianjin, China and London , United Kingdom. United Industrial Corporation UIC has also acquired a new plot of land at Potong Pasir Avenue 1 with UOL Group Limited which is the former Raintree Gardens Enbloc.

United Industrial Corporation Limited (UIC) Singapore

Singapore Land Limited has a longer history of development not very different in terms of time delimitation from UIC. Founded in 1963 as a public company it managed to build up a huge amount of real estate in Singapore winning almost the place of the leader. More than 2.2 square pounds of living space and more than 1 office. They have put their hands on such major acts as the Singapore Ground Tower, Clifford Center, SGX Center, The Gateway, ABACUS Plaza and Tampines Plaza, West Mall, and Marina Square.

United Industrial Corporation Raintree Gardens Enbloc

In 1990, having been merged with the UIC, it acquired insane popularity and one can say that it seized most of the real estate in Singapore. However, the companies also interact with foreign companies mainly by East Asian countries. On the site you can find examples of some Shanghai and Peking buildings. United Industrial Corporation has many profile including private property as well as commercial real estate in Singapore.

It’s also worth remembering that this company owns not only real estate. UIC Asian Computer Services Pte Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982. The basis of its activities is the supply of the necessary equipment, IT technologies to conduct financial affairs and solve many financial issues. They also supply companies with their services, software. For example, programs for calculating the charging board and HR Outsourcing Services.

United Industrial Corporation Limited Real Estate Developer

The company has a wide range of services and is ready to offer the fulfillment of multiple tasks. As you can see, the spheres of their activity are not limited to anything. The creation of an IT company was perhaps the best solution for the company. Not only did they raise their popularity, they helped many offices and trade departments.

Also in 1979 Marina Center Holdings Pte Ltd. was founded. This enterprise is nothing more than a shopping center. This shopping mall has been maintained in excellent condition and is very popular for people. One can say is one of the most popular places of the market. Here you can find everything: entertainment, shopping, movies, restaurants. All that you expect to meet in the shopping entertainment complex and even more. It is also easy to get to it. It is accessible by the City Hall, Esplanade and Promenade MRT stations.

You can estimate the scale of the company with your own eyes. Many years of experience and ingenuity will not disappoint her.

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