UOL is an award-winning Property Developer that specializes in delivering excellence per time services in areas including project management, facility management, and hotel management and other technological investments and securities. We are one of the foremost property companies situated in the heart of Singapore. We are public-listed.

UOL Group is dedicated to delivering excellent jobs by being resourceful. We are not just after building a brand; more, our desire is to make the world beautiful by creating beautiful havens and environment for people to live their lives, play, and to work. We offer values as much as we seek the same.

UOL Group Real Estate Developer

Over the years, United Overseas Group have offered nothing short of distinction, by giving our stakeholders results and values that are worth their investments. We are a team of positive thinkers and doers, therefore, the pedestal of influence for us, is where our organization is built upon.

We are driven by passion, to make innovation a reality on landed properties. Thus, our core of existence. People are our greatest asset. Moreover, we do not sit to fold our arms on the things we have known. We make research to input the best of the best into our project development. Our input is diligent towards humans as our assets, technology as our tool, and quality of our wheel. At UOL, quality per excellence is our watchword. Trust us, together, we make dreams become reality.

UOL Group Property Developer Track Record in Asia

We have our tooth stuck in the flesh of record all over Asia and beyond. Our projects in Property Development involves residential units, office towers, shopping malls, hotels and suites, educational centers, and holiday inns. Our core businesses include Property Development, Property Investment, and Hotel Operations. The other businesses we man fall under these core business profiles.

Through exceptional service delivery in our development projects, the UOL Group has been able to bag awards that include the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Award, and Urban Land Institute Awards for Excellence and President’s Design Award. Consecutively, for four years, we have been on the list of Top Singapore’s brand, of the Brand Finance.

UOL Group Awards and Design

Our logo is designed in the similitude of the Chinese’s “yè” character. Typically, it looks like a capital letter U with an underline, and a smaller U inside it. This is UOL’s brand of greatness. To us, it symbolizes the enterprise and innovation, thus, directing our focus and energy in this line of business. This brand, therefore, molds our identity; industrious and self-renewing. We take the whole courage and invest resources to see that we are updated on the core tools in our line of business, Property Development.

Our brand is colored in soulful green. It indicates a youthfulness that flourishes with vigor, in the pursuit of ideas that can be modeled into successes. Our ideas, investments, and even, our successes are to point at one thing –building an environment with long-term values and relevance. This goes for all our business endeavors Consecutively, for four years, we have been on the list of Top 100 Singapore’s brand, of the “Brand Finance”. Together, we make project dreams turn reality.